Building cultural intelligence and raising awareness of diversity through artistic disciplines

About Us

Our culture is what shapes us, our identity, and how we behave. Our world is naturally multicultural, and embracing cultural diversity has become more significant than ever. In our globalised world, we have become more exposed to different cultures, and the development of acquiring “cultural intelligence” has become more important than ever before, as it allows us to understand the impact that culture can have on societies and social behaviour. Cultural intelligence is the ability to acknowledge, see, and appreciate that aspects of what makes different cultures unique, and it is the key to an equitable society. The ACT-IT-OUT project aims to address this by building the cultural intelligence of adult learners in Europe.


3Ps Programme

The ACT-IT-OUT Consortium addresses the need for cultural intelligence (CQ) in combating cultural intolerance in Europe through a suite of alternative learning resources. You might be thinking, how are these resources “alternative”? Our learning resources integrate creativity into cultural education by including three artistic disciplines: Photography, Poetry, and Performance. In this way, learners will both enhance their cultural intelligence AND their artistic skills.


The photography modules support adult learners to develop their cognitive awareness of culture (cognitive component of CQ), the poetry modules address learners’ feelings related to cultural issues (emotional component of CQ), and the performance modules support learners to perform their poems using actions and gestures synonymous with their own culture, and with other cultures (physical component of CQ).


There are a total of 36 digital learning resources; 12 resources addressing each artistic discipline; Photography, Poetry, and Performance. 18 resources are at introductory level, and 18 resources are at advanced level.




Induction Training Programme for Adult and Community Educators

Partners have developed a bespoke induction training programme to support adult educators to deliver the ACT-IT-OUT 3Ps Programme – Photographs, Poems and Performances, and to harness the full potential of the online learning environments developed by project partners. This induction training is a practical training programme comprised of 3 modules. Each module includes 7 hours of face-to-face workshop learning, and 7 hours of self-directed learning.

Community Of Practice

Alongside providing adult learners and educators with innovative educational resources focused on building cultural intelligence, the ACT IT OUT consortium want to provide a space where adult learners and educators can support and advise each other on cultural topics, and address cultural issues that are prevalent in Europe. We call this space our Community of Practice, and it aims to make education more responsive to the need of addressing xenophobia in Europe and to support professionals to address the challenges faced by adult education service providers in a post-Covid19 service provision reality.

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Project Number: 2020-1-IT02-KA227-ADU-095